• Pedro, Nathalie and Mirian

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    Mercredi 30 Juin 2004 à 12:58
    craziest club in SD
    Always wild times in this club...wild people, sexy ladies just like these 2 in the picture and great music..our favorite place...right Miriam, Pedro?? They know it.
    Jeudi 19 Août 2004 à 03:57
    party party and party..always!!
    actually we were at long board but anyway....it was good too...but for sure on broadway is the best to get wild and crazy ...right hesham???you know what i'm talking about!!...this motherfucker...dance,got girls,and got in fight over there!!...hey take it easy dude ok??...hehehe
    Da boss
    Lundi 11 Octobre 2004 à 01:08
    I know what ya talking about, my friendaaaaaa... miss u guys Caro, i lov u.
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